Pet of the Week

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SCOOTER (7/8/19) - Available


"Scooter" is an approx. 1 year old male Patterson Terrier mix. He is a very sweet and friendly boy who has been at the shelter for a month now. He can be a little low-key at first meeting, but once he gets to know you he becomes more confident and his personality comes out. Scooter can be very energetic and playful, as well as inquisitive, but also loves attention and likes to give gentle hugs and kisses to people. His breed is known for being intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and entertaining. He would love to finally have a person or family to call his own!  Come meet him today!

FANCY NANCY (7/1/19) - Adopted


"Fancy Nancy" is a 4 year old spayed female Husky-White German Shepherd mix. She is a very low-key, low-energy girl; she's happy to check out the smalls around her and lay in the cool grass. She is a very sweet girl who would be happy to just hang out with a special person.

LUNA (6/24/19) - Adopted


"Luna" is an approx. 1 year old spayed female "Mystery Mix". She looks like a couple of exotic breeds--Appenzeller Sennenhund and Entlebucher Mountain dog--but we'll say she's a Swiss Mountain Dog-Border Collie mix. She is very sweet, affectionate and playful. She loves meeting new people and dogs, and getting a lot of attention! She stopped to let everyone she met at the TV station take some lime and lavish love on her. She knows how to turn on the charm, and wind up in a great home!  

PEANUT (6/17/19) - Adopted


"Peanut" is an approx. 8 month old neutered male Miniature Pinscher mix. He is a very friendly boy who loves to play and give (and get) affection!  Still a pup, he has a fair amount of energy, but he can also chill out and take in the world around him. He likes everyone he meets and wants a person to call his own.

BLUE (6/10/19) - Available


"Blue" is a 3 year old neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is a very friendly and affectionate boy. He loves meeting new people. He can be very energetic and playful, but also can mellow out and be a couch potato. He likes to roll around in the cool grass on a hot summer day. His breed is known for being athletic, intelligent, eager to please, easy to train, loyal, and great with kids. He is currently in a foster home.

LILY (6/3/19) - Adopted


"Lily" is an approx. 1 year old spayed female medium hair Calico cat. She is very easygoing, confident, curious, and affectionate. She loves attention and will purr non-stop, as well as knead and lick you. Lily is very relaxed during car rides, and she even walks on a leash!  Spend a little time with her and you'll see she's a purr-fect kitty! 

ZIGGY (5/28/19) - Rescued


"Ziggy" is an approx. 5 year old male American Bulldog mix. He can be a mellow, laid back guy, as well as an enthusiastic, affectionate boy. He likes to ride in a car, and is always on the lookout for new adventures. He likes to be petted, likes belly rubs, and really wants a special person or family to call his own!  

GIZMO (5/20/19) - Rescued


"Gizmo" is a 4 year old neutered male Akita mix. He is a very friendly, affectionate boy. He can be nice and gentle and relaxed most of the time, but then get a playful, silly streak. He likes to sit on benches and couches and see the world from a slightly higher perspective. He’s quite a character! Most of all, he loves meeting people and would love nothing more than to have a person or family of his own. 

MYLES (5/13/19) - Adopted


"Myles" is an approx. 2-3 year old neutered male “Mystery Mix”— part long-haired Dachshund, possibly part Sheltie, part Australian Shepherd, part Terrier. He is a very nice boy who enjoys the company of people and investigating his surroundings. He really liked hanging out on the set of KSEE24’s Midday News when he made his TV appearance. He is shy in the shelter and really wants to get to his forever home. 

BUGSY (5/6/19) - Adopted


"Bugsy" is an approx. 1 year old male Affenpinscher mix. Affenpinscher translates to “monkey terrier”, and how could you not love his little monkey face? He is very affectionate, loves meeting people, and is playful and energetic. His breed is also known for being loyal and intelligent (which can mean easily trainable!), and not shedding. He is a little dog with a big personality. 

ARCHIE (4/29/19) - Adopted

   Archie, adopted by KSEE24's Alex Delgado

"Archie" is an approx. 3 year old neutered male Maltese mix. He came in as a stray with very long matted hair, but has since been shaved and is much more comfortable. He is a very gentle, low-key boy. He likes to be held and be with people, but also likes walking around checking things out. He will make a great companion!

MUNECA (4/22/19) - Adopted


"Muneca" is an approx. 8 month old spayed female Norfolk Terrier-Long Haired Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet, gentle girl. She likes to be with people, being held or on a lap, but also has bursts of energy where she likes to run around! 

ROXIE (4/15/19) - Adopted


"Roxie" is an approx. 2 year old spayed female Dachshund mix with a striking brindle coat. She is a sweet, affectionate girl. She likes to check out smells, lay in the grass, and play. She is an outgoing, confident girl--going up to meet everyone she comes in contact with, her tail wagging non-stop! She would love to hang out with a family of her own. 

BARNEY (4/8/19) - Adopted


"Barney" is an approx. 3 year old neutered male “Mystery Mix”—possibly part small Swedish Hound (Drever?), part Feist, part Plummer Terrier, part Chihuahua. He is a mellow, laid back guy. He likes to sniff his environment, and chill in the cool grass and watch the world go by. He can also be pretty playful! He is affectionate, likes to be held, likes belly rubs, and meeting new people. 

BELLA (4/1/19) - Adopted


"Bella" is an approx. 2 year old spayed female Norfolk Terrier mix. She is an easygoing, gentle, affectionate girl. She loves to soak up the sun and sniff her surroundings. She likes to sit on laps and be held. This little girl would do great with seniors or a home looking for a low-key sweetheart. 

J.D. (4/1/19) - Adopted


"J.D." is an approx. 2 year old neutered Lhasa Apso mix. He is not only handsome, but also an exuberant, outgoing, playful, adventurous and affectionate boy. He absolutely loves everyone he meets, and he melts hearts instantly! He would do great in any sort of home.

ISABEL (3/25/19) - Adopted


"Isabel" is an approx. 3 year old spayed female Chihuahua mix. She is an easygoing, affectionate girl. Her tail is frequently wagging, especially when meeting new people! She likes to sit on laps and give hugs. On car rides she’s happy just to curl up and take a nap. This little girl really wants a home where she can relax and cuddle up with her new person or people. 

SANDY (3/18/19) - Adopted


"Sandy" is an approx. 1 year old spayed female long haired Chihuahua mix. At just 8 pounds, Sandy is a small girl, but has a big personality! She is happy, playful, curious, energetic, and affectionate--the all-around package! She makes friends with everyone she meets, and likes car rides. Sandy has very soft fur and loves to be petted while sitting in your lap. 

SHAGGY (3/11/19) - Adopted

"Shaggy" is a neutered male Cockapoo-Lowchen mix. He is approx. 5 year old, but that is still young at heart. Small dogs can live for 15 years and more. He may be small, but has a big personality! He likes to go on walks, prancing along and stopping to sniff everything. He likes to make friends and play, and go for rides in the car. He's also a sweetheart, being content to cuddle and let you pet him for hours!