Tulare County Animal Services Update

Tulare County Animal Services is available by appointment only.  Please click here for a pdf version of this update.

April 6, 2020


TCAS is dedicated to service to both the humans and animals of the community. In an effort to keep shelter animals, staff, and the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tulare County Animal Services has modified operations and created a proactive plan to mitigate unnecessary gathering of people, and protect both the staff and the public. We would like to inform the residents of unincorporated Tulare County of the following:

COVID-19 and Pets

TCAS would like to assure the public that there is currently no evidence to suggest that domestic animals present a risk to humans regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We ask that, in an abundance of caution as this is a novel virus, that you treat your pet like any other member of your household and refrain from close contact with your pet if you are sick and that you have a care plan in place for your pet in the event that you are temporarily unable to care for them.

Field Services

Our Animal Control Officers are dedicated to promoting public safety. At this time, our officers are focusing on emergency and urgent calls only, which may include: Law Enforcement assistance, calls for severely sick or injured animals, animal bite incidents, vicious animals, loose livestock causing a public safety concern, or other emergency calls for service.

Shelter Operations

TCAS is dedicated to saving lives, providing humane treatment to the animals in our care, and reuniting pets with their families. At this time, the shelter will be accessible to the public by appointment only. Please call the shelter at 559-636-4050 in order to plan your visit.

  • Looking for your lost pet?

Please check our website at www.tcanimalservices.org or www.petharbor.com in order to see all of the pets currently at the shelter. If you see your pet on the list, please call us to arrange to come pick them up. Don’t have the ability to look online? Call us and we will help you. Experiencing a financial hardship and afraid that you cannot pay the fines to reclaim your animal? TCAS is dedicated to getting your pet back into your care, please call and speak with us.

  • Looking to adopt a pet?

Please check the website for adoptable pets and call the shelter to arrange a meet and greet. At this time, we are doing adoptions by appointment in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

  • Need to surrender your pet?

At this time we are delaying entry of all non-essential animals into the shelter. Please call us with questions and we can give you resources that may help you in the meantime.

  • Found a lost pet?

At this time we are delaying entry of all non-essential animals into the shelter, and are focusing on animals needing urgent attention. If you have found a stray animal who is not sick, injured, aggressive, or in need of urgent assistance, please file a Found Animal Report at www.tcanimalservices.org with a picture and your contact information. We appreciate the community’s patience and assistance as we strive to protect both our staff and the community, and conserve our resources for urgent and emergency cases during this time. Please call the shelter if the animal is injured, sick, or you have questions or need guidance. We are happy to help!

  • Have a feral cat or kittens?

At this time we are not taking in cats or kittens unless they are sick or injured. Please call the shelter if you have questions or need kitten care supplies. We have Kitten Care Packs with everything you might need to care for kittens found in the unincorporated areas of the County and will gladly support you in that process!

  • Need to license your pet?

You can license your pet online or through the mail! Please go to www.tcanimalservices.org for more information.


Thank you to our community for your patience during these unprecedented times, and for coming together to assist both the humans and animals of Tulare County!