Animal Complaints

Non-Emergency Animal Matters


Non-emergency complaints are those that do not pose a threat to life, public safety or danger of serious injury to the public or animals.  Non-emergency complaints do not require immediate action from Animal Services and shall be investigated during normal business hours.


If you have a complaint about any animal related matters, falling under the jurisdiction of Tulare County Animal Services Division, please call or visit our office at:

Tulare County Animal Services
(559) 636-4050 
14131 Avenue 256                
Visalia, CA  93292
Shelter Hours:  10 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Saturday

Or, you may submit a complaint electronically by completing an electronic COMPLAINT FORM.  This form can be used to notify Animal Services of an issue that potentially needs investigation.

Please be sure to include accurate contact information if you would like a reply from Animal Services.

Examples of Non-Emergency Complaints:

  • Deceased animals on the side of road or in public areas not disrupting traffic
  • Stray domestic animals
  • Violations of animal control ordinances which do not pose a threat to public safety
  • Nuisance complaints
  • Barking dogs


If you reside within any of the following cities, please contact them directly:

Visalia Animal Care Center

29016 Highway 99
Visalia, CA  93277
Shelter Hours:  12 PM - 6 PM, Wednesday through Friday
                         12 PM - 5 PM, Saturday through Sunday  


Porterville Animal Control

23611 Road 196                    
Lindsay, CA  93247
Shelter Hours:  12 PM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday
                          9 AM - 5 PM, Saturday


Tulare Animal Services Facility
3817 South K Street                    
Tulare, CA  93274
Shelter Hours:  10 AM – 7 PM, Monday
                          8 AM – 5 PM, Tuesday through Friday


Emergency Animal Matters

Calls to report an animal emergency matter should be directed to Animal Services during normal business hours, and Tulare County Sheriff Dispatch after-hours, Sundays, and holidays. 

  • Livestock or equine at large disrupting traffic
  • Aggressive stray animals at large on a school grounds, parks or playgrounds
  • Animals in distress, sick or injured; hit by car, result of attack with witness on scene
  • Active (just happened) bite incident
  • Dogs killing livestock or other domesticated animals; dog is confined onsite

Per Tulare County Animal Ordinance, unsubstantiated or false claims, and/or abusing requests for emergency services may result in an administrative penalty being assessed to the Reporting Party or Animal Owner.