4-07-2100 - Corrective Action Plan

At the discretion of the Animal Services Manager, in lieu of a formal Hearing and in conjunction with the Animal’s Owner, a corrective action plan may be put in place to abate Animal related issues. The Animal Owner will be served with the Corrective Action Plan signed by the Animal Services Manager outlining a plan of action, including but not limited to actions involving Animals running-at-large, minimum shelter requirements, veterinarian care, Animals worrying livestock or other Animals, Animal Nuisance complaints, or licensing, regarding the Animal or Animals in question. If the Owner or Custodian complies with the requirements of the Corrective Action Plan within the prescribed time period, no further action on the Animal or Animals will be taken and any pending action by Animal Services will cease. If the Owner or Custodian fails to comply with the requirements of the Corrective Action Plan within the prescribed period, Animal Services shall resume any pending action.

Should an Owner or Custodian dispute the action taken by Animal Services for the Owner or Custodian’s failure to comply with the Corrective Action Plan, the Owner or Custodian may request a Hearing and pay the applicable Hearing fees. Animal Services shall schedule the Hearing and provide notice to the Owner or Custodian, via first class mail or personal service, of the date, time and place of the Hearing. Failure to appear at the Hearing at the designated time and place will be deemed a forfeiture of the Animal.