4-07-5000 - Dogs at large

No person shall permit a Dog to stray from private property owned or legally possessed by the Dog Owner or Custodian unless the Dog is restrained by a leash or lead not exceeding eight feet in length, except in the following situations:

  1. When the Dog is assisting a peace Officer who is engaged in law enforcement duties or when the Dog is participating in a search and rescue effort at the specific request of a law enforcement authority;
  2. When the Dog is enrolled in and actually participating in a Dog training or obedience course, exhibition, or competition conducted by an organization on private or public property with the permission of the Owner or operator of the grounds of facilities;
  3. When the Dog is assisting the Owner or person in charge of Livestock in the herding or control of such Livestock; or
  4. When the Dog is accompanying and under the direction of a person engaged in hunting on property where such activities are allowed, or on private property with written permission of the Owner.