Natural Disaster Animal Assistance

Are your pets and livestock ready for the coming storm? Are you in an area that is likely to flood?  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD to make arrangements for your animals.  Once storms begin and roads become inaccessible, there will be limited ability for people to assist so please make a plan for your pets and animals ahead of the storm!  The online form below can be used to ask questions.  At this time there are no open County shelters for evacuated animals, but TCAS will utilize the requests generated by this form to determine need for additional support and services such as sheltering and evacuation assistance.  

Please contact Animal Services at (559) 636-4050 x 0 or email for more information, call 211 or fill out the link below.  Animal Services will contact you between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

Submit a Natural Disaster Assistance Request Form