Lost Pets reported to Animal Services

The following is a list of missing animals that have been reported to our shelter. This list is updated as new reports are received at our shelter.  

If you are missing an animal or if you have found a stray animal, please click here to go to the Lost Pet Tips to fill out a lost or found application.

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Brought In Name ID Picture Type Breed Gender Age Color
Brought In Name ID Picture Type Breed Gender Age Color
2023.01.09 ROSIE MAY A228298 ROSIE MAY Dog Chihuahua - Smooth Coated and Dachshund Female
06 Years 00 Months 27 Days Black
2023.01.10 CHICO A228327 CHICO Dog Poodle - Standard mix Male
00 Years 08 Months 26 Days Black
2023.01.10 SIMBA A228210 SIMBA Dog German Shepherd Dog mix Male
04 Years 00 Months 26 Days Black
2023.01.21 ALAULA A228530 ALAULA Dog Great Dane mix Female
02 Years 00 Months 15 Days Brown
2023.01.21 PAYASO A228532 PAYASO Dog Airedale Terrier mix Male
Age Unknown Gray
2023.01.31 BELLA A228552 BELLA Dog Chihuahua - Smooth Coated mix Female
Age Unknown Brown
2023.01.31 SPARKY A228553 SPARKY Dog Welsh Corgi - Pembroke mix Male
Age Unknown Black
2023.01.25 TITAN A228597 TITAN Dog Maltese mix Male
Age Unknown White
2023.01.25 MOLLY A228598 MOLLY Dog Great Pyrenees mix Female
01 Years 06 Months 11 Days White
2023.01.25 TRIXIE A228613 TRIXIE Dog German Shepherd Dog mix Female
08 Years 00 Months 11 Days Brown
2023.01.26 COCO A228625 COCO Dog Anatolian Shepherd mix Female
Age Unknown White
2023.02.01 GRAVY A228702 GRAVY Dog Doberman Pinscher mix Male
Age Unknown Brown
2023.02.03 PJ A228736 PJ Dog Queensland Heeler mix Male
Age Unknown Special