Breeder Permits

Breeder Permits

Pursuant to Part 4, Chapter 7, Article 4, Section 4000 - Permitting (Animal Laws)

  1. No person shall operate a Commercial, Non-commercial, Boarding, or Rescue Kennel without first obtaining the proper permit or registration in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter and paying such fees as established by Animal Services. These permits shall expire June 30 of every calendar year. 
  2. All Kennels must also operate in accordance with applicable zoning laws. Commercial, Rescue, and Boarding Kennels require a special use permit.  Any Kennel not operating within the proper zone and/or with a special use permit will be subject to the penalties of Code Enforcement. 
  3. Any Commercial Kennel or person engaging in the breeding of Animals shall be required to obtain and maintain a Breeding Permit from Animal Services for each female Animal being bred.
  4. Any Kennel must comply with the Kennel Minimum Standards for that Kennel type, available from Animal Services.


Purchasing a Breeder Permit

Tulare County Animal Services offers two options to purchase or renew your breeder permit.



Click here to download the Breeder Permit Application for 2023.

Complete the application(s) and submit proof of rabies vaccinations for each female dog you are applying for a Breeder Permit for.   

  • Current rabies certificates must be included for each female dog.
  • One breeder permit per dog.
  • A Commercial Kennel may obtain no more than five (5) breeding permits per calendar year. Permits are non-transferable and in the event that a Dog covered by a breeding permit dies or otherwise becomes unbreedable for that year, no replacement permits will be issued.  TCAO § 4-07-4300(C)
  • No breeding permits will be issued for Non-commercial Kennels.  TCAO § 4-07-4300(D)
  • An individual without a Kennel Permit may obtain no more than one (1) breeding permit per calendar year. Permits are non-transferable and in the event that the Dog covered by a breeding permit dies or otherwise becomes unbreedable for that year, no replacement permit will be issued.  TCAO § 4-07-4300(E)
  • A breeder permit shall be in addition to any other requirements and conditions set forth in the County ordinances or by state law, including Health and Safety Code Section 122045 et seq.  TCAO § 4-07-4300(F)
  • It is unlawful for any person to advertise for the sale or other transfer of any Dogs without including in the advertisement a valid Tulare County breeder permit number. TCAO § 4-07-4300

Mail: 14131 Ave. 256, Visalia, CA  93292

Rabies certificates and spay/neuter certificates can also be forwarded by fax or email.



Visit our Tulare County Animal Shelter in Visalia at 14131 Ave. 256. You do not need to bring your dogs with you to the shelter in order to purchase or renew a kennel permit. Shelter hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Closed Sundays and holidays.

Unincorporated Tulare County

 Type of Permit* Permit Fee
 Breeder Permit Fee $50

Make checks and/or money orders payable to: Tulare County Animal Services or TCAS

The licensing of dogs is required by state law and county ordinance. Dog licensing is an integral component of the statewide rabies control effort. All dogs are required to be licensed at the age of four months and provide proof of a rabies vaccination that covers the term of the license. An additional requirement is for licensed dogs to display the license tag at all times. Tulare County Animal Services use the dog license, microchip, and any other owner information to contact the owners of lost animals.  Any dog found not to be rabies vaccinated and licensed will be cited for a dog license violation in accordance with Tulare County Animal Ordinance (TCAO) 4-07-3000, a rabies vaccination in accordance with TCAO 4-07-3100, a kennel permit violation in accordance with TCAO 4-07-4000, and a breeder permit violation in accordance with TCAO 4-07-4300.