4-07-3000 - Licensing of Dogs Required

A. Except as established in section 4-07-3010(B), every Dog meeting the minimum age requirements to receive a rabies vaccination shall be subject to a Dog license fee, due and payable by its Owner or Custodian within thirty (30) calendar days of the acquisition of the Dog, or entry into the County.  Thereafter, such license fee shall become due and payable on the date of expiration on any license previously issued to the Owner or Custodian for the Dog. The amount of such fee shall be established in accordance with Section 4.07.1300 of this chapter. No license shall be issued without evidence of a valid rabies vaccination.      


B. Upon the written certification of a Veterinarian that a Dog has been surgically sterilized, the amount of the license fee shall be not more than one half the fee established for intact Dogs, in accordance with Food & Agriculture Code Section 30804.5.    


C. No Dog license shall be issued for any Dog vaccinated with a Rabies vaccine not approved by the State of California. Should a rabies vaccination not be valid for twelve (12) months from the date of application the Owner or Custodian may elect to do either of the following:     

  1. Be issued a license at the regular one year rate as outlined in subsection A of this section that will expire upon expiration of the vaccination and be due again in full; or           

  2. Re-vaccinate and be issued a license which would be valid for at least twelve (12) months.         


D. A Dog license fee shall become delinquent thirty (30) calendar days after it becomes due and payable, and upon delinquency, an additional delinquent fee, as established by the Board, shall be added to the regular fee. An unpaid delinquent fee shall be added to the succeeding year's license fee.


E.  Animal Services shall procure and issue serially numbered tags stamped with the name of the county. This tag is a lifetime tag, which should not be removed, and will be unique to the Animal to which it was issued. The license tag shall only be issued upon the application of Owners who have complied with the vaccination and fee provisions of this chapter.     


F. Every Dog shall be provided by the Owner or Custodian with a suitable collar, harness, or other device to which the Dog tag can be affixed. The Dog Owner or Custodian shall ensure that the Dog wears such license tag at all times except when the Dog is being prepared for an exhibit at a Dog show.        


G. A license tag issued for one Dog shall not be transferred or attached to any other Dog. Any change of ownership of the dog or any change in the Owner’s contact information shall be noticed to Animal Services within 30 days of the change.


H. Whenever a license tag is lost, stolen, or damaged the Owner or Custodian shall apply for and obtain a replacement tag from Animal Services upon payment of the prescribed replacement fee.


I.    Despite anything in this chapter to the contrary, when an Owner or Custodian brings into the County a Dog which has been licensed in another jurisdiction, the Dog shall be licensed within thirty (30) calendar days as outlined in this chapter. If the license from the other jurisdiction is valid for at least twelve (12) months, a one-year license may be obtained for replacement tag fees upon the surrender of the other jurisdiction's license and the proper completion of a license application.