4-07-3010 - Legal effect of license

A. The issuance by Animal Services and the acceptance by the Owner of any license to keep an Animal as provided for herein is prima facie evidence that the Owner agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this chapter and that the Owner has satisfied the basic licensing requirements under this chapter. Such issuance shall be given no evidentiary weight to indicate that the Owner has conformed to zoning regulations, building regulations, health and safety regulations or to any other applicable rule, regulation or statute.  For purposes of the administration of this chapter, if, pursuant to the issuance of official written notice, approval has been given by the office or agency responsible for the administration of the rule, regulation or statute in question, such approval shall be deemed prima facie evidence that the matter approved is in conformance with the rule, regulation or statute in question.


B. Exemptions. The licensing regulations in this chapter are not applicable to the following:     

  1. Animals kept as all or part of the stock of (a) nonprofit zoological gardens open to the public; (b) circuses; or (c) Animal exhibits when such enterprises are operated under business licenses granted by the County.

  2. Service Dogs as defined in Section 4.07.1400 of this Chapter.

  3. Public safety Animals such as police, rescue, and drug enforcement Dogs.

  4. Dogs in the care and custody of a Rescue Kennel.