4-07-3100 - Vaccination

A. Every Dog meeting the minimum age requirements to receive a rabies vaccination shall receive a rabies vaccine approved by the California State Department of Health Services.     

      Every person who owns or comes to own an unvaccinated Dog over four months of age shall have thirty (30) calendar days from the date the Animal was obtained to comply with the provisions of this section. 


C.  Every Veterinarian, after vaccinating a Dog for rabies, shall issue a certificate to the Owner or Custodian. The certificate shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:     

  1. The Owner's full name, address, and telephone number;       

  2. The breed, age, sex, and color or markings of the Animal;     

  3. The date of immunization and expiration;          

  4. The type of vaccine administered;

  5. The name of the vaccine manufacturer; 

  6. The lot number of the vaccine used; and

  7. The signature of the Veterinarian administering the vaccination and their veterinary license number.      


D. A copy of the certificate must be kept on file with Animal Services if the vaccination was issued at the Animal Shelter or low-cost vaccination clinics held by Animal Services. A duplicate copy may be provided when requested by the Owner or Custodian of the Dog. 


E. The Owner or Custodian must maintain the certificate of vaccination, or a copy thereof, and must, upon demand of a public or peace Officer acting within the course and scope of his or her employment, display said certificate for examination.  

 F. Upon written proof provided by a Veterinarian that a Dog has a medical condition which would cause it to be endangered by receiving a rabies vaccination, Animal Services may exempt the Dog from the vaccination requirements in this section so long as the Dog is kept in strict confinement and isolated at all times and so long as the medical condition is proven to exist. The written proof must also contain an estimated date when the Dog can be safely vaccinated. Although temporarily exempt from the vaccination requirements the Dog is still to be considered non-vaccinated and is not exempt from other provisions of Title 7.