4-07-3225 - Spaying and Neutering of Dogs

  1. All Dogs shall be spayed or neutered by the age of six (6) months, with the following exceptions

    1. Dogs used by police agencies;

    2. Dogs that have a letter from a licensed Veterinarian stating spaying or neutering the Dog would be detrimental to the health of the Dog.

    3. Licensed Unaltered Dogs.

  2. Owners who have intact Dogs prior to the enacting of this Ordinance have six months to comply with subsection (A).
  3. Owners moving into the County of Tulare under the jurisdiction of these Ordinances in possession of intact Dogs have 90 days to comply with subsection (A).

  4. First-time offenders will be provided with information on subsidized sterilization services and be given an additional 60 days to comply with this Section. If they still fail to comply enforcement action will be taken in accordance with 4-07-2200.