4-07-4000 - Permitting

  1. No person shall operate a Commercial, Non-commercial, Boarding, or Rescue Kennel without first obtaining the proper permit or registration in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter and paying such fees as established by Animal Services. These permits shall expire June 30 of every calendar year. 

  2. All Kennels must also operate in accordance with applicable zoning laws. Commercial, Rescue, and Boarding Kennels require a special use permit.  Any Kennel not operating within the proper zone and/or with a special use permit will be subject to the penalties of Code Enforcement.

  3. Any Commercial Kennel or person engaging in the breeding of Animals shall be required to obtain and maintain a Breeding Permit from Animal Services for each female Animal being bred.

  4. Any Kennel must comply with the Kennel Minimum Standards for that Kennel type, available from Animal Services.