4-07-4002 - Transitional Provisions

  1. Permits Granted Before Effective Date
    Any Kennel or Breeding Permits granted before the passage of this Article remain valid until their expiration date.

  2. Application of certain Provisions to Existing Operations. For Kennels operating with a valid Kennel Permit at the time this Article is passed, the following extensions apply:

    1. Maximum number of Dogs.

      The Maximum number of Dogs housed at the Kennel must be brought into compliance with this Article no later than June 30, 2020. Permit holders are eligible to renew their permits for the July 2019-June 2020 permit cycle without having reached compliance. If a Kennel exceeds the maximum number of dogs at the time this Article is passed, the Kennel may apply for and receive special dispensation from Animal Services to continue to operate after the 2020 compliance date with the following conditions:

      1. No new Adult Dogs may be added to the Kennel’s resident population until the Kennel is in compliance with the relevant Section of this Ordinance related to Maximum Number of Dogs for the permitted Kennel type;

      2. All Dogs above ten (10) years of age must be spayed or neutered unless a Veterinarian certifies that such would be dangerous to the animal’s health;

      3. The Kennel and its operators comply with all other sections of this Article and the currently applicable Minimum Kennel Standards

    2. The Commercial Kennel Minimum Standards which are in place at the time a Permit was granted will apply for that Permit cycle (July-June), with the exception of any Minimum Confinement Space requirements which will remain in effect until June 30, 2020.


  3. Applications in Progress before Effective Date
    Applications for Kennel or Breeding Permits that are pending approval at the effective date of this Ordinance will be reviewed wholly under the terms of this Ordinance.

  4. Any re-application for an expired approval must meet the standards of this Ordinance in effect at the time of re-application, with the exception(s) noted in Sections 4-07-4002(B).