4-07-4100 - Records

Kennel operators shall keep available for inspection on the Premises records that shall show the name, current address and telephone number of the Owner of each Animal kept at the kennel, the description of the Animal, including its age (if known) or approximate age, breed, sex, color, and microchip number. As a part of such record, a current valid rabies certificate or other written proof of vaccination shall be maintained for each Dog required to be vaccinated by this Title, showing the Dog Owner's name, including breed, color, sex, microchip number, and month and year of birth; the date of vaccination; and the name and telephone number of the Veterinarian who vaccinated the Dog or telephone number of the agency verifying vaccination. In addition, each kennel operator shall have someone in attendance at the kennel able to identify each Animal in the kennel, except that Animals under four months of age may be identified as a litter.

Kennel operators must keep and make available to Animal Services staff a record of all veterinary care each Animal has received, including examination notes.

Kennel operators engaged in breeding must keep an individual record for each Dam owned or housed by the Kennel, including its month and year of birth (if known) or approximate month and year of birth; breed; color; microchip number; any breeding permits received for that Dam; records of when the Dam was bred, and the outcome (live birth or otherwise); and for any Dams that have left the Kennel facility, information on their transfer or death, as required by the Tulare County Commercial Kennel Minimum Standards.