4-07-5100 - Livestock or Equine at large

A.  No person shall permit Livestock or Equine to stray from private property owned by the Owner or Custodian of such Livestock or Equine, or from private property to which such Owner or Custodian has a right of possession, except in the following situations:

  1. When the Livestock or Equine is being led, driven, or conducted along a public road or street during daylight hours under the supervision and control of its Owner or Custodian;        
  2. When the Livestock or Equine is on public property with the consent of the Owner or operator of the grounds or facilities, or on private property with the consent of the Owner, lessee, or other person in control thereof, and such property is lawfully fenced;
  3. When the Livestock or Equine is on designated open range areas.    

B.  The Owner or Custodian of any Livestock or Equine that are found at large on any public or private property other than the Owners, without permission of the property Owner shall be guilty of an infraction.         


C.  Nothing in this section precludes prosecution for any additional or more severe applicable state or federal criminal liability which may apply as a result of injuries, property damage, or death which resulted from the Livestock or Equine running at large.  


D.  In addition to any other penalties imposed, the Owner or Custodian of the Livestock or Equine shall be liable for the salaries, costs, and other expenses incurred by Animal Services in restraining, capturing, or rescuing such Livestock or Equine.