4-07-5300 - Rabies Quarantine

A. 1. Animal Services shall ensure that all Animals falling into the following categories shall be isolated or quarantined or destroyed and a rabies specimen taken at Animal Services or at such other place and under such conditions as are prescribed by the health Officer or authorized according to other applicable California State laws and regulations, including but not limited to:           

a.   Known rabid Animals;   

b.   Suspected rabid Animals;         

c.   Animals that have bitten or otherwise exposed a human to rabies; and  

d.   Animals of a species subject to rabies, which have been bitten by a known rabid or suspected rabid Animal or have been in intimate contact with a known rabid or suspected rabid Animal.

2.   In circumstances where the bite or exposure to rabies occurred while the victim was on the property of the Owner or Custodian of the Animal or when the victim is a member of the family or household of the Owner or Custodian, and when the Animal is not currently vaccinated against rabies and, as applicable, licensed as required by the provisions of this chapter, the Animal may, at the discretion of Animal Services, be quarantined on the property of the Owner provided the following:    

a.   The Owner of said Animal can and does agree to ensure its confinement and isolation for the period of quarantine;

b.   The Owner agrees, upon demand of the Health Officer or Animal Services during the period of quarantine, to surrender the Animal to Animal Services;   

c.   The Owner agrees to immediately notify Animal Services if the Animal escapes, becomes ill, or dies.      

3.   It is unlawful for the Owner or Custodian of an Animal to violate any of the conditions of isolation or quarantine prescribed by the Health Officer or Animal Services. Any violation of this section is a misdemeanor.


B. Non-vaccinated Biting Animals Fee. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Owner of any Animal which is required by law to be vaccinated for rabies and which has not been so vaccinated and which bites or wounds any person or other Animal shall be subject to a penalty fee.