Plan for Pets

Plan for Pets

COVID-19: Include Your Pets in Planning

With the number of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 increasing daily in the County, it is important that people make a care plan for their pets and livestock should they become sick and need to leave their home for treatment.

 “While Tulare County Animal Services remains dedicated to the welfare of both the animals and people of the community and continues to respond to urgent calls for service, the animal shelter does not have the ability to house a large influx of animals. We are urging the public to create a care plan for their pet in the unlikely event that they were temporarily unable to care for them.” –Cassie Heffington, Animal Services Manager, Tulare County Animal Services

To develop a pet care plan, pet owners are encouraged to:

  1. Identify a temporary caregiver for your pets – check with friends, family, and neighbors, or with pet-sitters and boarding kennels.
  2. Create a written emergency plan for each of your pets. Make sure to include:
    1. The name and contact information for your pet’s temporary caregiver. Be sure to include their cell phone number.
    2.  Your pet’s name, breed, and age.
    3.  Your veterinarian, their clinic name and phone number.
    4.  A copy of your pet’s vaccination records.
    5.  A description of any medical concerns for your pet and directions for any medications they take.
    6.  Your pet’s feeding schedule and directions.
  3. Put together a bag or storage box with supplies that your pet might need for two weeks (food, bowls, travel kennel, leash, cat litter, etc.). If your pet is on any medications, make sure to include a two-week supply. Set them aside with a copy of your plan where they can easily be found.

In the unlikely event that you are temporarily unable to care for you pets, having a good plan ahead of time will help provide you with peace of mind, knowing that they will continue to be well cared for in a comfortable environment.