Day of the Horse

Day of the Horse

National Day of the Horse is observed annually on December 13. It’s designed to encourage people to appreciate and be mindful of the horse’s contribution to the economy, history and character of the United States.

The domesticated horse we know today was introduced into North America by Spanish explorers. Escaped horses eventually spread across the American Great Plains.

The horse has contributed greatly to the advancement of civilization in North America. From clearing forests for farmland and a form of travel bringing pioneers to the west to diversifying Native American’s hunting habits and rounding up livestock on ranches, the horse is embedded in American history and legend.

National Day of the Horse is a great opportunity for those fortunate enough to have an equine friend in the family to take extra time to ensure they have a healthy and happy life.

Here are some tips of providing your horse good care:

Here are some ways to show your horse that you love him:

If you treat them right, here are eight secret ways that horses will show you love in return: