Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes

What is pet diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when your dog or cat has stopped producing insulin, has inadequate levels of insulin, or has an abnormal response to insulin, which prevents the conversion of food to energy. Without insulin and that conversion to energy, extra sugar left in the blood leads to lethargy and other health problems.

It is estimated that 1 in 300 adult dogs and 1 in 230 cats in the US have diabetes, and it cannot be cured. Fortunately, diabetes can be managed very successfully with proper treatment, monitoring, diet, and exercise, and your pet can live a long, happy life.

What are the signs of diabetes in pets?

·         Excessive water drinking and increased urination

·         Weight loss, even though there may be an increased appetite

·         Decreased appetite

·         Cloudy eyes (especially in dogs)

·         Chronic or recurring infections (including skin infections and urinary infections)

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