4-07-4020 - Kennel Standards

A. Acknowledgment of Standards. A copy of the applicable standards will be supplied to the applicant with each request for an application for a permit, and the applicant shall acknowledge receipt of such standards and agree to comply with them and to allow inspections at reasonable times by signing the application form.


B. Demonstration of Compliance with Standards. Each applicant or kennel operator must demonstrate that his or her Premises and any facilities or equipment used in his or her kennel   complies with the standards.  In addition, each applicant or kennel operator shall correct any deficiencies noted within a reasonable time as specified by designee.  Upon request by Animal Services, the applicant or kennel operator must make his or her Premises, facilities, and equipment available for the purpose of ascertaining compliance with said standards.


C. Conditions and Restrictions. Animal Services may issue a permit under any conditions and restrictions which are deemed necessary for the protection of Animal and/or public health, safety, or welfare, and shall specify such conditions and restrictions on the permit.